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Helping Families Effectively Modify
Existing Custody And Support Orders

When divorces and other family law agreements are settled, usually the parties try and create agreements that will work for a very long time. When circumstances change and the current agreement is no longer appropriate, a modification may be in order.

Modifications To Child Support

Many parents believe they are paying too much child support and many believe they are not receiving enough. The reality is that even the most accurately set child support levels can become out of step with the financial situations of a child’s parents over time. New jobs, promotions, raises and layoffs can all impact how child support levels should be set and the old levels may no longer reflect the current reality.

We can help you pursue a modification as well as object to one for you. We assist parties with petitions and objections.

Modifications To Child Custody

People often have strong feelings about child custody and visitation. One parent may strongly disagree with the other parent’s approach to raising the child, for example. One parent may also fail to follow the visitation schedule. Whatever the reason that someone wants to pursue a modification to the current child custody agreement, we can help. We can also assist with objecting to any petition for a modification.

More Than 40 Years Of Family Law Experience

Attorney Michael J. Smith has the decades of experience you can rely on to help you when you need to petition the court for a modification of a family court order or when you need to object to the possibility of a modification. He understands the difficult positions people find themselves in when they find themselves living under a family court order that no longer suits their situations. He can help you with any changes that need to be made to your child support or child custody matters.

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When times have changed, but your family law agreements are out of step, turn to Michael J. Smith, Attorney at Law, LLC, for experienced help. To schedule an initial consultation, call 815-923-1129 or contact us online.