Helping You Navigate A Trying Time

Working Through A High-Asset Divorce:
What You Need To Know

When dealing with divorce, it is never easy. It gets even more complicated when you have acquired numerous assets over the years. You need an attorney who will stand by your side and fight for what is yours. Michael J. Smith, Attorney at Law, LLC, has helped clients in northern Illinois for 40 years.

How Michael J. Smith Can Help

Attorney Michael J. Smith approaches each case with compassion and understanding. There are several factors that must be dealt with when dealing with a high-asset divorce. He has experience in a number of practice areas, including:

  • Alimony, based on each person’s income
  • Property division, determining what is fair
  • Small business and ownership after divorce, and what that means for the future
  • Retirement accounts after divorce, dealing with 401(K) accounts and stock options
  • Child custody, deciding what works best for your family

There are many questions you will have throughout the process. Michael J. Smith is here to help you find the answers and discuss the possible options. Our goal is to work quickly and efficiently. In Illinois, it takes about 90 days for a divorce to be final.

Any assets acquired during your marriage will be divided, whereas anything you had before your marriage remains yours. This includes houses, cars, boats and inheritance. When splitting assets, the court will look at several factors. These include each spouse’s age, financial situation, contribution to the marriage and future earning ability. Michael J. Smith will do his best to build you the strongest possible case, giving you what you are entitled to.

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Michael J. Smith, Attorney at Law, LLC, is very cognizant of how difficult these situations can be. He will use his three decades of experience to find amicable resolutions. Contact our office in Rockford today at 815-923-1129 or fill out our contact form to discuss your case.