Helping You Navigate A Trying Time

Guidance Through Divorce And All Its Complexities

The emotional turmoil of divorce can make it a challenge to make informed choices while you are in the midst of the process. Having an experienced divorce attorney by your side as you work through your divorce can help ensure that you make choices that leave you well-situated and able to start building the future you want. We help people make informed choices regarding:

Does Your Marital Estate Contain Significant Assets?

When a marital estate contains significant assets and property such as ownership of a small business, investment accounts, retirement accounts, stock options, rental property, vacation homes and other types of assets, it is essential that you work with an attorney who understands the full range of issues and who understands how to ensure that your goals are achieved. If you are facing a high-asset divorce, you cannot afford mistakes.

More Than 40 Years Of Family Law Experience

Attorney Michael J. Smith has decades of experience helping people find their way through the divorce process to the lives they want to live after marriage. His focus is on providing the highly effective representation people need to help them successfully move past this difficult time. He will get to know you, your situation and your goals so that he can create a strategy that best serves your needs.

Divorce Lawyer Serving Rockford, Illinois

You deserve to be able to build the future you want. Michael J. Smith, Attorney at Law, LLC, can help you use the divorce process to lay the foundation for that future. To schedule an initial consultation, call 815-923-1129 or contact us online.