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What Sort of Divorce-Related
Issues Are You Facing?

There are many issues that need to be resolved during a divorce — from child custody and visitation to alimony and the division of property. One thing that few people realize is an aspect of a divorce is how compensation from personal injury lawsuits and workers’ compensation cases are handled.

What Happens In A Divorce To The Compensation I Won In Court Or Through The Workers’ Compensation System?

The compensation won in such cases can be substantial. In some cases, it may be the most substantial asset in the marital estate. Depending on a variety of circumstances, the compensation may be considered marital property and may need to be divided like any other asset or property that is part of the marital estate although there are some considerations that are unique to these issues. We are skilled at conducting divisions of property that can thoughtfully handle issues such as these.

We can help divide those awards whether or not we represented you in the original case.

Our firm has the extensive experience necessary to ensure that all aspects of your divorce are properly handled. We offer comprehensive divorce representation that has the skill necessary to help you.

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Attorney Michael J. Smith brings decades of experience to the table for his clients. When the division of property contains assets that fall outside the bounds of what most people think of when they are considering how to divide their marital estate, that experience can be invaluable. Properly handling such issues is all part of the comprehensive and highly effective representation we offer.

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If your marital estate contains assets such as compensation awarded from a personal injury case or through the workers’ compensation system, turn to Michael J. Smith, Attorney at Law, LLC, for experienced help. To schedule an initial consultation, call 815-923-1129 or contact us online.