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Child Support Establishment And Enforcement In Illinois

Setting appropriate child support levels can have a major impact on the lives of the parents and the children. While the Illinois Child Support Guidelines provide the formula that is used to determine child support levels, there is the possibility for the levels to be set either too high or too low depending on the information that is entered into the formula.

When child support levels are set too low, the receiving parent may be in financial straits and the child’s needs may not be met. When child support levels are too high, the burden may create financial difficulties for the paying parent.

This makes it important that all of the factors that go into the determination of child support are properly considered. Income, health care expenses, extracurricular expenses and other costs of raising a child can impact your child support levels. Knowing how to handle the factors that can support or block a deviation from the guidelines is necessary for effective representation.

What Is Income For Child Support Determination Purposes?

Over time, independent contractor status and small-business ownership are just a few of the issues that can affect what is considered income. In order to ensure that income determinations are made properly, one should work with an attorney who has extensive experience dealing with such issues.

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Attorney Michael J. Smith uses his decades of experience to help his clients arrive at appropriately set child support levels. He understands how important it is to set child support appropriately, and he understands how to interpret the evidence that the state guidelines will utilize to make a determination. He is committed to helping people secure child support levels that work for them as part of a divorce, through a standalone legal proceeding or as part of a modification.

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