Helping You Navigate A Trying Time

Providing Guidance And Support
Through Child Relocations

When parents are sharing custody of a child, any potential move can create a serious disruption in the child’s life. How that disruption impacts the child’s life needs to be considered. If you are a residential parent who wants to move, we can help you navigate that process. If you are seeking to object to your child’s other parent moving away, we can help you prepare an effective case to prevent the child from moving. If a residential parent is considering a move that will impact the shared child custody schedule that is in place, the other parent can ask the court to block that move. The court will look at how that move will affect the child’s best interests and how it will affect the child’s relationship with the non-moving parent.

Serving The Best Interests Of The Child

The court is going to work to protect the child’s best interests when it considers whether to allow a relocation. This may mean that the other parent is not allowed to move with the child or modification of the visitation schedule will be created to work better with the parent’s new location.

More Than 40 Years Of Family Law Experience

Attorney Michael J. Smith can help you fight for the outcome you need when the possibility of a relocation arises. He is skilled at building highly effective cases that can effectively fight for the court’s approval of a move or the blocking of a move. His decades of experience give him useful insight into what evidence is most persuasive regarding the child’s best interests and how a move may impact them. He uses that perspective to focus the case on the most effective evidence.

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When a move-away that will affect child custody is imminent, turn to Michael J. Smith, Attorney at Law, LLC, for experienced help you can rely on. To schedule an initial consultation, call 815-923-1129 or contact us online.