Helping You Navigate A Trying Time


Looming family issues can impact your future, and your love ones’ futures. The advice of an experienced attorney is essential.

Many family law attorneys offer free consultations. Attorney Smith charges $100 for an initial conference and here are the reasons why:

Who typically administers free consultations?

Free consultations are often undertaken by inexperienced lawyers, paralegals, or managing attorneys, who will not be handling your case. In scheduling a paid consultation with Attorney Smith, you will obtain qualified advice from the attorney you are looking to hire, while ensuring you are comfortable with the relationship. You get what you pay for.

How are free consultations modeled?

Free consultations are regularly aimed to sell you the firm, instead of offering the advice you seek. Advice given at all is typically general, and unspecific to your case. However, if an attorney does offer advice specific to your case during a free consultation, remain aware that it is based upon a meeting that lacks in depth. The attorney remains unfamiliar with your case, and this free advice could lead to regretful decisions, and expensive and irreversible legal consequences.

A paid consultation will provide you with information that can be directly applied to your representations, avoiding useless information. Relevant details of your case will be attained, and the situation will be assessed from a legal standpoint. If you are wondering if you should file at all, that will be assessed as well. Your questions will be answered, and your next steps will be strategized.

How long is a free consultation?

At some firms, free consultations are as short as 15 minutes, and after that they charge. A paid consultation with Attorney Smith lasts up to an hour. A thorough consultation is crucial, due to the fact that the way in which many laws apply to you is case-specific.

Do you want your spouse to stop Attorney Smith from representing you for free?

Your conference most likely stops me from representing the other side. Once a lawyer is familiar with your side of a situation, they are no longer able to represent your spouse, due to a conflict of interest.

Why is a free consultation a waste of time for attorneys, prospective clients and current clients?

In some cases, it is only a matter of days until the opposite party is granted their request, if you fail to respond within a required time limit. One cannot afford to sit through consultations that do not alleviate their legal matters in these situations. Time is valuable.

Current clients are negatively impacted by the existence of free consultations, as well. When you choose attorney Michael J. Smith, you are ensured maximum committment to your case. This commitment would not be possible with the presence of the distractions that come with giving free advice to possible clients. We are willing to reject prospective clients who wish for a free consultation in order to offer a notable level of service to current clients.