Divorce + Quarantine= Broken

Going through a divorce is always a big change, but COVID and quarantines add another layer of complexity. Just ask Kelly Clarkson. Kelly Clarkson Is

COVID is Complicating Custody

COVID issues are coming up in every aspect of custody cases, and tensions have been intensifying.

What Are Grounds for Divorce in Illinois?

The only grounds necessary for divorce in Illinois is “irreconcilable differences”, even if those differences stem from an incident with your wedding cake.

4 Loyalty Traps To Avoid

Divorce is difficult for parents and children. Avoid adding stress by getting your kids caught in “loyalty traps”.

Working Together After Divorce?

Some couples who operate a business or non-profit together choose to remain coworkers after a divorce. Whatever your wishes are, it is important to make

Women Can Pay Alimony Too

The Supreme Court ruled that alimony is gender neutral in 1979. But, to some, women having to dole out spousal support still comes as a

When Business and Divorce Collide

You may not host a TV show with your spouse, but it is important to protect your individual interests and your business interests in divorce

Social Media and Divorce Don’t Mix

This is a perfect example of what NOT to do during or after a divorce. Social media and divorce don’t mix. Source: