Illinois Easement Deed Forms

Are you looking to obtain an easement in the state of Illinois? If so, you came to the right place. Follow the link below to

Why You SHOULD Have a Will

A last will and testament is a document that states what will happen to your estate after you die. If you die without this, you

Our Consultation Policy

With our consultation policy, you can be sure that the advice you are hearing is coming from an experienced professional. Many firms who offer free

Never Say Never After Your Divorce

Never say never. The immediate aftermath of a divorce is not the best time to make major proclamations about your future relationships.

What To Know About Co-Parenting

If you have children, finding a way to co-parent is the most important thing you can do during and after your divorce.

Why the Increase in Gray Divorces?

The divorce rate is going up among people over 50. This article takes a look at factors that are driving the increase in “gray” divorces.

Your Divorce Is Just That. Yours.

Your marriage is no one’s business but yours. It is important to make decisions on what is best for you and your children, not the

Pandemic-Inspired Estate Planning

Has living through a pandemic caused you to think more about your estate plan or lack thereof? Everyone needs an estate plan and the second

Slain Spouse Wanted a Divorce

Sadly, stories of violence in the midst of divorce are all too common. An order of protection can be sought to protect spouses, children and