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Attorney Michael J. Smith has been committed to delivering the family law solutions people need since 1981. His decades of experience have honed his skills and help him craft highly effective strategies that are able to achieve his clients’ goals. That experience and those skills can be crucial to helping people build the futures that they envision for themselves.

Immediate Solutions That Help Build A Brighter Future

In family law cases, the best outcomes are those that not only resolve the current difficulty, but those which also leave you well-situated for a positive future. Divorce and other family law matters (custody, visitation, child support, parentage, orders of protection and modifications) have immediate and long-term impacts on people’s lives. The most intelligent approach is to work toward an immediate solution that helps you move on with your life and achieve goals such as having greater financial stability and more time with your children.

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If you are facing a difficult family law situation, having the right lawyer can make a substantial difference in the eventual outcome. Michael J. Smith can help you. To schedule an initial consultation, call 815-282-8228.

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